28 February 2020
Blow Up Exhibition

Group show at LG London.


27 February 2020
Book Event for Tony Conrad's Writings

Discussion with Constance DeJong and Andrew Lampert on Tony Conrad's Writings. Live set by C. Spencer Yeh.

18 February 2020
DJ Set at National Sawdust

DJ set. Live set by Eli Kezler. Sponsored by LOT Radio.

28 January 2020
Artist Talk

Lecture on Primary Information at Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at
Florida Southwestern State College.

13 January 2020
Robert Rauschenberg Residency

25 October 2019

Concert with Compile and Daren Ho on a rooftop on 5 East Broadway. Curated and organized by Tabitha Piseno.

23 October 2019
HOBO UFO (v. Chernobyl)

Launch of HOBO UFO (v. Chernobyl) on PAN Records.


20 October 2019
Artist Talk at Emily Carr

Artist talk at Emily Carr University.

19 October 2019
HOBO UFO (v. Chernobyl) Screening

Screening of HOBO UFO (v. Chernobyl) at Salon de Normady, Paris, France.

17 October 2019
Artist Talk at Simon Fraser University

Artist talk at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

02 October 2019
Artist Talk at Contemporary Art Centre

Artist talk at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

29 September 2019
Panel Discussion at the Emily Harvey Foundation

Panel discussion with Matvei Yankelevich (Ugly Duckling Presse), Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg (OEI), David Reinfurt (Dexter Sinister) and David Platzker (Specific Object). Part of a four-day symposium on Something Else Press.

14 August 2019

Concert at Public Records with Speaker Music, Ryan Ferreira, and Clarice Jensen.

30 April 2019
Panel on Something Else Press

Panel discussion at Printed Matter on Something Else Press with Lisa Pearson (Siglio) and Damon Kruskowski (Exact Change)


27 April 2019

Concert sponsored by LAMPO at the Graham Foundation. Premier of HOBO UFO (v. Chicago) and other works.


26 April 2019
Artist Talk at LAMPO

Artist talk at LAMPO Headquarters in Chicago, IL.


12 April 2019

Concert in LA with Puce Mary, Eartheater, M.E.S.H. Dismorphic, and Guillame Berg.

30 January 2019

Nothing Changes w/ C Spencer Yeh and Charmaine Lee at St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY.