• Unsound_2017

HOBO UFO (Vers. Chernobyl) Performance and Talk, Unsound, Kraków, Poland, October 2017

  • Hoff_ECAL

Lecture, Écal, Lausanne, April 2017

The Air You Breathe Is Metallic, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Anna Leonowens Gallery), Halifax, Canada

  • 20161226_contemp_art_daily

Like Insects Smacking Themselves Senseless . . . (Supportico Lopez), Contemporary Art Daily, December 26 (Link)

  • 20161226_empty_gallery

HOBO UFO (Vers. Hong Kong), The Empty Gallery (Hong Kong), December 17 2016

  • hoff_sl_exhibition

Like Insects Smacking Themselves Senseless Against a Screen at Night to Get to the Light Inside, Supportico Lopez, November 2016 (Link)

  • utopia-landfill

Utopia Landfill or Vacation in the Age of Sad Passion, Callicoon Fine Arts, November 2016 (Link)

  • James Hoff - artforum.com / critics' picks

Artforum, Critics Pick, November 2016

  • jh_artinamerica_2016-1

Art in America, The Lookout, November 2016

  • novel

Novel, Publication curated by Matt Williams and Alun Rowlands, Bergen Kunsthall, November 2016

  •  	 		 			 				Installation view of Sarah Crowner, Beetle in the Leaves, 2016  			 				  			 				Rotated Stretched Stems, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                 			 				Acrylic on canvas and raw canvas, sewn                                                                                                                                          

Post Tree (Ballet with Sarah Crowner and Carolyn Schoerner), MASS MoCA, October 2016 (Link)

  • posthuman

Posthumans Symphonies, Deutschlandfunk, October 2016 (Link)

  • bard_hoff_01

We are the Center for Curatorial Studies (group show), Hessel Musem of Art, October 2016 (Link)

HOBO UFO (Performance), ICA, London, UK, October 2016 (Link)

  • Hoff_Transmission

White Fungus, Interview, June 2016

  • AS

Abstract Existence, Exhibition Catalog, Cura Books, May 2016


The Black Box, BACO Arte Contemporanea (Bergamo, Italy), May 2016 (Link)

  • PM_Hoff

Morris Worm No. 4, Edition for Printed Matter, May 2016

  • Borderline

Borderline Festival, Athens, Greece, April 2016 (Link)

  • Image_Here

[image here] (group show), Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, April 2016 (Link)

  • Kitche_Lab

The Kitchen Lab, The Kitchen, March 2016 (Link)

  • Kitche_Min_Alg

From Minimalism into Algorithm (Group Show), The Kitchen, March 2016 (Link)

  • Hoff_Daily_Serving

Daily Serving, B=R=I=C=K=I=N=G Review, February 2016 (Link)

  • HOFF_EINS_01

Radio Eins, Interview, January 2016 (Link)


LAMPO, Performance, December 2015 (Link)

  • CAC.JamesHoff.BRICKING-03.sm

  • CAC.JamesHoff.BRICKING-12.sm

B=R=I=C=K=I=N=G, Contemporary Art Center (New Orleans), November 2015 (Link)

  • Contemporary_Art_Daily

Contemporary Art Daily, October 2015 (Link)

  • Hoff_SLOB

Crumpled, Rumpled, Crappy, Tacky, Raunchy, Unconscious, Whatever (The Social Life of the Book), Pamphlet, Paraguay Press, October 2015

  • Hoff_Any_Reader_01

  • Hoff_Any_Reader_10

  • Hoff_Any_Reader_10

To Any Reader, Hide Awhile (Wait), the Curtain Remembers a Useless Landscape, VI, VII, 2015

  • Frieze_Concert

Frieze Projects (Concert), Ace Hotel London, October 2015

  • POEM_Group_Exhibitiono

Poem N° 0000000000000000000000000000,9 (Group Exhibition), Mendes Wood DM, October 2015

Operation Olympic Games (Selection), Deutchlandradio Kultur, 2015

  • Euro_Tour_Dates

European Tour Dates, September 2015

  • Hoff_Juno_Plus

Juno Plus, Interview, September 2015 (Link)

  • Gomringer_&

Eugen Gomringer & (Group Exhibition), Bielefelder Kunstverein, August 2015


Your PC Is Now Stoned, Edition for Chart, 2015

  • Mediated_Images

Mediated Images (Group Show), Brand New Gallery, July 2015

  • New_Concrete_Cover

The New Concrete (Anthology of Visual Poetry in the 21st Century), Heyward Publishing, June 2015

  • Abelton_Hoff_Interview

Ableton Interview, June 2015 (Link)

  • Listening Room

Printshop MoMA PS1, Listening Room, June 2015

  • WF_Hoff_FTBD

White Flag Projects, A Film to Be Determined, June 2015

  • Skywiper_29

  • Skywiper_48

  • Skywiper_47

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, Supportico Lopez, 2015

  • Artforum_Hoff_Feb

Artform, Skywiper Review, February 2015 (Link)

  • Art_Review_Hoff

Art Review, Skywiper Review, January 2015 (Link)

  • Midway_Exploring

Exploring Compositional Epistemologies, January 2015 (Link)

Guardian, The Playlist, January 2015 (Link)

  • Rolling_Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine Review, December 2014 (Link)

  • Brooklyn_Rail

The Brooklyn Rail, Skywiper Review, December 2014 (Link)

  • 71_jh0620x632

  • 71_jhcallicooninstall20149842x0

Skywiper, Callicoon Fine Arts, 2014

  • Freize

Frieze, Blaster Review, November 2014 (Link)

Blaster Video, Nic Hamilton, 2014

  • Wire_Blaster

Wire Magazine Review, October 2014

  • Rhizome_Hoff

Rhizome, Blaster Review, September 2014 (Link)

  • Bomb_Mag

Bomb Magazine, Interview with Eli Keszler, September 2014 (Link)

Blaster, PAN, 2014

  • caption in library

Everybody’s Pixelated, Printed Matter, 2014

  • 66_hoffeverysecondweb2

Every Second One Hundred Bolts of Lightning Strike the Earth, Publication Studio Vancouver, 2014

How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away, Or Gallery, 2014


  • Tongue_Depressor_03

  • Autocorrect_01

  • Untitled_01

Milking the Flat Cow, Callicoon Fine Arts, 2012

  • 42_mktfc

Milking The Flat Cow, No Input Books, 2012

  • Has_Been_Install_01

  • Missing_White_Woman_Hoff

  • James-Hoff--Untitled--2012--Oil-on-Canvas--70-x-100-cm--From-the-exhibition-I-m-Already-a-Has-Been-at-VI--VII--oslo-_0863LN

I’m Already a Has Been, VI, VII, 2012

  • Inventory_Arousal

Inventory Arousal, Bedford Press, 2011

How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away, Pan, 2011

  • Specific Object

Mémoires, No Input Books, 2009

Topten, No Input Books, 2008 (PDF)