The Air You Breathe Is Metallic, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Anna Leonowens Gallery), Halifax, Canada

  • hoff_sl_exhibition

Like Insects Smacking Themselves Senseless Against a Screen at Night to Get to the Light Inside, Supportico Lopez, November 2016 (Link)

  • utopia-landfill

Utopia Landfill or Vacation in the Age of Sad Passion, Callicoon Fine Arts, November 2016 (Link)


The Black Box, BACO Arte Contemporanea (Bergamo, Italy), May 2016 (Link)



B=R=I=C=K=I=N=G, Contemporary Art Center (New Orleans), November 2015 (Link)

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  • Hoff_Any_Reader_10

To Any Reader, Hide Awhile (Wait), the Curtain Remembers a Useless Landscape, VI, VII, 2015

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The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, Supportico Lopez, 2015

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Skywiper, Callicoon Fine Arts, 2014


How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away, Or Gallery, 2014

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  • Untitled_01

Milking the Flat Cow, Callicoon Fine Arts, 2012

  • Has_Been_Install_01

  • Missing_White_Woman_Hoff

  • James-Hoff--Untitled--2012--Oil-on-Canvas--70-x-100-cm--From-the-exhibition-I-m-Already-a-Has-Been-at-VI--VII--oslo-_0863LN

I’m Already a Has Been, VI, VII, 2012