• novel

Novel, Publication curated by Matt Williams and Alun Rowlands, Bergen Kunsthall, November 2016

  • AS

Abstract Existence, Exhibition Catalog, Cura Books, May 2016

  • Hoff_SLOB

Crumpled, Rumpled, Crappy, Tacky, Raunchy, Unconscious, Whatever (The Social Life of the Book), Pamphlet, Paraguay Press, October 2015

  • New_Concrete_Cover

The New Concrete (Anthology of Visual Poetry in the 21st Century), Heyward Publishing, June 2015

  • caption in library

Everybody’s Pixelated, Printed Matter, 2014

  • 66_hoffeverysecondweb2

Every Second One Hundred Bolts of Lightning Strike the Earth, Publication Studio Vancouver, 2014

  • 42_mktfc

Milking The Flat Cow, No Input Books, 2012

  • Inventory_Arousal

Inventory Arousal, Bedford Press, 2011

  • Specific Object

Mémoires, No Input Books, 2009

Topten, No Input Books, 2008 (PDF)